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Alpha-Tubulin (1C7) Antibody

Tubulin is a small family of globular proteins in nearly all eukaryotic cells. The most common members of this family are α-tubulin and β-tubulin, the proteins that make up microtubules. To form microtubules, the dimers of α- and β-tubulin bind to GTP and assemble onto the (+) ends of microtubules while in the GTP-bound state. After a dimer is incorporated into microtubule, the molecule of GTP bound to the β-tubulin subunit eventually hydrolyzes into GDP through inter-dimer contacts along the microtubule filament. Thus, the binding of β-tubulin to GTP or GDP influences the formation of microtubules, and GTP cycle is essential for the dynamic instability of microtubule in cells.

Our product is a mouse monoclonal antibody, which was raised against the full-length α-tubulin of human origin. It is prepared as cell culture supernatant (~ 40 μg/ml) with 0.01% sodium azide. The α-tubulin (1C7) antibody detects α-tubulin of human and mouse origins. It can be used for immunologic applications such as Western blotting (WB, dilution range: 1:50 - 500).

Gene Symbol (ID): TUBA1A (Human)

Isotype: IgG1

Molecular Weight: 50 kDa

Storage: Keep at 2 - 8°C upon arrival (stable for six months from the date of shipment). For long-term storage, make aliquots and keep them at -20°C or below. Avoid repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles.

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